This app has been discontinued and is no longer available or supported.

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This app allows your iPhone or iPod touch to turn on or wake up computers on your network.

  • Power On your device with the tap of a button
  • Easily configure up to 9 devices
  • Searches your network for computers to add


With Power On you can wake your sleeping Mac and then play iTunes music using Appleā€™s Remote App, all without leaving your couch.


Do you stream files from your computer to your Apple TV, Xbox 360 or Sony Playstation 3? You can use Power On to start your computer so it doesn't have to be running all day.

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Easy Setup

When you press the add button on the configuration screen Power On will search your network for computers to add.

Just make sure that:
  • Your iPhone or iPod touch is connected to your network
The computer you wish to add is:
  • Turned on
  • Connected to your network via Ethernet cable (not WiFi)
  • Sharing files via Apple file sharing or running iTunes

How it works

When you tap a power button in the Power On App on your iPhone or iPod touch, Power On broadcasts a special message over your network. When your computer receives this message it will turn itself on. For this to work your computer must support Wake on LAN.

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  • iPhone or iPod touch
  • Wireless network
  • Computer to power on:
    • Connected to network via ethernet
    • With Wake on LAN enabled