Enable Wake on LAN:

Mac OS X

The following instructions will show you how to enable Wake on LAN on your Mac running OS X version 10.5.

Open System Preferences

Open the Apple menu by clicking the leftmost item on the menu bar (it looks like an apple). Then click System Preferences....

Open System Preferences

Open Energy Saver

In the System Preferences window click Energy Saver. If Energy Saver is not visible click Show All first.

System Preferences

Enable Wake Option

In the Energy Saver window check the Wake for Ethernet network administrator access option under Wake Options:. If the Wake for Ethernet administrator access option is not visible, check that Settings for: is set to Power Adapter.

Energy Saver


Wake on LAN is now enabled on your Mac. You can now wake up your Mac when it is sleeping and connected via ethernet cable. Macs do not support waking up when they are powered off.