Adding a Computer to Power On

Start Power On. Tap the i in the lower right corner. Power On will flip to the configuration screen. Now tap Add.

Power On will start searching your network for computers. Check the following instructions to make sure that Power On can find your computers:

  • This iPhone or iPod touch must be connected to your network

The computer you wish to add:

  • Must be turned on
  • Connected to your network via Ethernet cable (not WiFi)
  • Sharing files via apple file sharing or running iTunes

Found Computer

Tap the name of the computer you wish to add from the list of computers that Power On found. Power On will bring up the details for the computer. You can now edit the title and double check the MAC Address. When you are done tap Save to finnish adding the computer.

Enable Wake on LAN

In order for Power On to work with your computer your computer must support the Wake on LAN protocol and must have Wake on LAN enabled.

Computer Not Found

If Power On did not find your computer you can still add it manually. Tap the Other button at the bottom of the screen. Now enter a title and the MAC Address.

Find MAC Address